Saturday, May 14, 2005

Foraging For Comics: The August Image Solicits

Yes, it's 11:40 on a Saturday, and I'm blogging about comics. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten what a vagina looks like.

DUSTY STAR #1 August 3 o 32 pg o FC o $3.50 written by ANDREW ROBINSON & JOE PRUETT art & cover by ANDREW ROBINSON
It's a different time and a strange place. It's burlesque shows and all-night poker games, robots and flying ships, tattooed horses and new wave cowboys and cowgirls with bad attitudes. This is the world of Dusty Star, a tough-as-nails gunslinger with a steely-eyed gaze and a draw as fast as greased lighting! An appealing blend of western, science fiction, adventure and humor.

I really liked this the first time I heard about it, when it was called "Trigun."

INDIGO VERTIGO August 17 o 48 pg o BW o $4.95 written by KATIEJANE GARSIDE art & cover by DAN SCHAFFER
Described as the comic equivalent of a David Lynch movie written by Sylvia Plath, this hallucinatory spectacle of one woman's experience on the brink of reality is the result of an unconventional, intuitive creative process developed by KATIEJANE GARSIDE (vocalist with extreme UK rock band Queenadreena) and DAN SCHAFFER (creator of cult comic book series, DOGWITCH). Told with poetic, fragmented dialogue and beautifully textured art, INDIGO VERTIGO explores the love/hate relationship between people and their demons in a disturbing nightmare journey through the cracks in the tiles.

This will either be brilliant or unreadable.

GUN FU TP August 3 o 144 pg o FC o $14.95 written & inked by HOWARD M. SHUM penciled by JOEY MASON colored by ETIENNE SIMON cover by TOM BANCROFT & HOWARD M. SHUM
The year is 1936. Cheng Bo Sen is a Hong Kong cop. England enlists him as a secret agent to help fight the Nazis. He also speaks hip-hop, which no one seems to notice.
Collects GUN FU #1 and GUN FU: THE LOST CITY #1-4

Image needs a new solicitation copy guy. Unless they're letting the creators write the copy themselves, in which case, they need to institute a probation system.

BATTLE POPE #3 August 31 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95 written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover by TONY MOORE & VAL STAPLES
Battle Pope finds himself face to face with Lucifer - and Jesus Christ gets crucified - AGAIN! This issue's ending is guaranteed to shock you! Reprinting ROBERT KIRKMAN 'sfirst published work, now in STUNNING full color, with a brand new cover by original artist TONY MOORE and original cover colorist VAL STAPLES.

Man, that Lucifer is such a dick. Not Superman level, but still a dick.

GIRLS #4 Aug 17 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95 written by JOSHUA LUNA art & cover by JONATHAN LUNA
In a shocking turn of events, the mystery woman will change the lives of Pennystown irrevocably, and raise more questions than answers: Who is this girl? What does she want? Is she a blessing, or a curse?

And why is she naked?

THE PACT #4 (of 4) August 3 o 32 pg o FC o $2.95 written by ROBERT KIRKMAN art & cover by JASON HOWARD
FIREBREATHER, INVINCIBLE, SHADOWHAWK, and ZEPHYR--together again for what MAY be the last time. When a local town enlists Firebreather's aid in stopping the dreaded Magmanites--he calls in his new pals to help out. But things go horrible wrong--this issue must be seen to be believed.

As must the cover.

STUPID COMICS #3 August 3 o 32 pg o BW o $2.95 written & illustrated by JIM MAHFOOD cover by JIM MAHFOOD & KELLY SEDA
STUPID COMICS returns!!! Popular cartoonist Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts, Felt) brings you the latest collection of his comic strips, full of the zesty political and social humor, pop culture parodies, and fun-filled rage that have made Stupid Comics a fan-favorite over the years!

Mmmmm... Mahfood.

That's all this month. Full solicits up here:


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