Monday, May 30, 2005

Monday In The Park

Spent my Memorial Day downtown in Strawberry Fields. After wasting more of the morning than I had originally intended, I popped my laptop into my shoulder bag and took the train down to Central Park. I grabbed a quick lunch in an Irish pub, then made my way over to 72nd and CPW. In the park, I located a nice tree to rest my bakc against (insert lumbar/lumber pun here) and did my writing. I got probably 1000-1200 words before the beginnings of a downpour forced me to close up shop. As I type this, my computer hasn't started telling me my mother sucks cocks in hell yet, so I figure I'm good.

After paying my respects at the "Imagine" mural, I hoofed across, up, across, and up some more, to the 79th Street Barnes and Noble. On the way, I stopped and chatted with a man selling an extensive collection of old pulp novels, including an impressive first printing of "All The King's Men" and an out-of-my-price-range copy of Philip Wylie's "Gladiator" (the novel that inspired Superman). In the store itself, I splurged on the new Roger Stern Superman novel, Keith DeCandido's "Articles of the Federation" (think "Star Trek" meets "West Wing"), and "Superheroes and Philosophy." Had a root beer and a cinnamon roll in the cafe, then did a bit more writing until my computer's battery gave out. Taking the hint, I left the store and grabbed a quick bite of pizza and cole slaw for dinner, then caught the train back here.

Had not one, but two story ideas today, which are duly recorded in the log of ideas to get to when I'm done with what I'm working on now. No, I'm not telling you what they are.

Tomorrow, I have to hit the therapist's, make some phone calls, catch up on the submissions that came in over the weekend, and hopefully finish the rough draft of the current story. In between all that, I also want to finish the current book I'm working on, Kim Stanley Robinson's "The Years of Rice and Salt" (Lena, I think you'd get a real kick out of this one), so I can get started on the new ones. And I need a haircut.

Saw a lot of dogs. Made me wish I could afford one. Someday.

PS: You'll note I've put a link to Citizen Culture's website on the sidebar. That's not there for decoration, folks; use it. And while I'm at it, pick up issue 5 at your local B&N or Hudson newsstand. I gots to eat.


Joe Rice said...

The pulp seller is great. Lisa has to drag me away from that guy, as I always end up chatting him up and buying things I don't need.

He also teaches a couple classes at SVA, if I'm not mistaken.

Next time you're in his area, check out Uncle Louie G.'s ices, sold out of the side of Hair Essentials, right next to that B&N. Damn, they're good.

Lena said...

Anything about salt and rice is good in my book.

On a more serious note, I'll google the book and see what it's about!