Friday, June 24, 2005

Writing Report

Almost forgot to say, I sent off another story yesterday, this time to Realms of Fantasy. It's not the WotF story; that one I'm still shopping around for a home for. McSweeney's is taking a look at it as well, so I might hold off until after the 4th to send it out again.

Currently working on a submission to this year's Strange New World's contest, the amateur fiction competition held by Pocket Books' Star Trek line. It's been rough going; I went through about three false starts before finding the right character POV. This is the first time that's happened, but I've learned something about planning and about the difference between necessary and unnecessary scenes. My goal is to get a draft by Tuesday, and then let it sit. After that, I might go back to this one thing I did in college. I liked the conceit, but it needed some more revision. This one might work for a humor or horror publication, or both.

Miles to go.

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