Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cover Me: 8-3-05

Three very different covers; are they any good?

Spider-Girl 89:

It's effective, but the pseudo-Pieta image does warn that the issue will be a downer, which could turn off a first-time buyer looking for more standard superhero fare. The title text also implies something other than the story's actual content, and the fact that we can't properly identify the person Spider-Girl is holding could lead to some erroneous conclusions. In all, it kind of screams "very special issue." Good cover? It has its nice points, but overall, no.

PVP 0:

Okay, homage covers are kind of a cheat, but this one works. The nice thing about this image is that it's so iconic, you don't really need to know it comes from an old X-Men cover to understand the message. It's always said "And now, for something completely different." In this case, it's telling us that the PVP crew are a new, hopefully fresh alternative to the above characters, who comics page fans may have grown tired of (except Cathy, no one ever liked her). The "Eisner-nominated" stamp doesn't hurt, either. I think the "Kicking the funny pages in the groin" ballon might be a bit much, though. Good cover? Indubitably.

Girls 1:

That image isn't actually what I have; I have the third printing, which is a close-up sketch of the girl, showing her shoulders and the lower half of her face. They both hit the same target, though, with the eroticized image signaling that this is not the type of comic for the kiddies. There's also the mystery factor, which makes us think, "Who is this girl? What is that expression on her face? Why is she naked?" In those terms, it's grabbing, and it manages not to be exploitative through the careful use of color; indeed, you feel almost guilty for catching her in this moment. It's a delicate balance they're trying to strike, but it works. Good cover? I say thee yea.

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