Sunday, September 11, 2005

Avatars I Have Used

I've made the executive decision to take the week off from reviews. This week's comics will get lumped in with next week's; since both are pretty short, this won't increase my workload that much. Yay.

In lieu of this regular Sunday content, I present to you a collection of avatars I have used during my career at the CBR forums.

Beginning at the beginning, this is my first avatar, and the only one I used for roughly two years. I got this one via request, asking for a Mark Bagley Peter Parker picture. I was hoping for something from his early Amazing Spider-Man days, but this image from Ultimate Spider-Man works as well. I lacked image manipulation software in those days, so stuck with this one for quite a while due to simple laziness. Therefore, when I finally did change it, I got a lot of random people saying to me "Holy crap, you changed your avatar!"

This is the first one I changed to, after I got Spock as the result in some Internet quiz or other. At the time, I was stressing over post-collegiate job-searching, so I used the tagline "Will Mind-Meld For Food." Later, when "beards" was the subject of a weekly avatar contest on the Comm board, I used an avatar of the evil bearded Spock from the mirror universe, with the tagline "Will Agonize For Food." (As an aside, I want my own portable agonizer, like Troi had in Diane Duane's "Dark Mirror." That would be 1337.)

Now we get into some of the Avatar Contest entries. This one was "Jewish Cartoon Characters." I chose this mainly out of my love for Transformers, which overcame my hatred of Family Guy. For the tagline, I got Morts to translate "'Til All Are One!" into Hebrew for me. Good egg, that Morts.

Bun-Bun from Sluggy Freelance dressed up as Pikachu. Note that the little dots on hsi cheeks are a skull-and-crossbones. This is my standard Halloween avatar.

Cartoon sidekicks. Bartleby from Bone. This one's notable because the tagline I used was "Shake that ass, Bartleby!"

Robots. Came pretty close to winning with this one. I sat out the next week's, Rock Band Frontmen, but when I posted in the thread, and someone commented that he didn't know Asimov had been in a band, I did an impromptu riff about him and Stephen Hawking being the guys who really came up with "She Blinded Me With Science." No, I'm not proud of that pun.

I wore this for several weeks after Mark Millar killed off Hornet in Wolverine. The bastard.

My current default av, which I use when I'm not entered in the weekly contest. I like it, not just because it's a monkey in a dunce cap, but because of the little sad face he has. Poor monkey.

This useless post has been brought to you by boredom and apathy.


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Lena said...

The first and the last are the best, in my not-so-humble opinion.