Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Week In Microcosm

Not going to be a feature or anything, just thought I'd talk about my week some.

Monday: Planned on going out, ended up staying in. Got some stuff done that needed to get done, executed a fun writing project with the help of CBR, and did some video gameage.

Tuesday: Saw my therapist in the morning, then had lunch at this nice Chinese place by her office. Outside the restaurant, there were some kids selling lemonade and cookies to raise money for the Katrina relief efforts. Unable to resist the combination of cuteness and philanthropy, I bought from them.

Wednesday: No comics. Blah. At worked, helped interview a fashion model who I think was kinda into me. Learned how to play pool. Watched "The American President" on cable.

Thursday: Got comics, then did some writing at the NYPL Bryant Park branch. Sat across from two cute Japanese college students who appeared impressed that I was reading Runrouni Kenshin.

Friday: Work, mostly alone. Hit Barnes and Noble afterwards to read comic trades for free. I'm so naughty.

Saturday: Had a day out. Went to the Big Apple Con. Ran into some people I know, bought some comics I wanted but didn't really need. Met a nice girl named Vera dressed as a medieval wench. After the con, had dinner and caught a showing of "The Aristocrats," a funny, revealing, and utterly vile film.

Also had a couple of sex dreams over the week that I don't fully recall now. Those were fun.

And that was my week.

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