Sunday, October 02, 2005

Comic Cover Reviews For September 28, 2005

Regular reviews are forthcoming, and will be posted today, but right now, I want to get the cover reviews up. Deal with me being fickle.

Covers for this week stolen from,, and

Young Avengers 7:

A mite too generic, methinks. I mean, who is this really going to appeal to besides fans of Captain America or archery? It's pretty, and will go well with a trade, but there's not much substance.

Amazing Spider-Man 524:

This would have made a *great* cover for last issue. This one, with a little less Hydra than it may lead you to believe, doesn't quite work. But at least Harris tried.

Fantastic Four 531:

Strangely enough, this wasn't the cover solicited. Regardless, it's a good one: Strange cosmic creature behind Sue, the rest of the team unconscious in the foreground, and breasts. McKone draws nice boobies... where was I? Anyway, pretty good cover.

Legion of Super-Heroes 10

I love the effect with part of Invisible Kid's face fading out, and it's well-complemented by Ultra Boy's shout of "Traitor!" on the final version. This is a bit of an odd moment to choose to emphasize, though, considering it's a subplot that only gets about a page or two of play in the issue.

Invincible 26:

It cleverly sidesteps the main element of the plot (that would be spoiling last issue's reveal two months ahead), and instead we get "Invincible on Bugworld." What makes it work is Invincible looking at this strange new world in awe, and the bugs having a somewhat similar reaction to him. The red wash is a bit odd, but at least it'll stand out on the racks.

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