Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Comics You Can Talk About If You Want For March 29, 2006

Time is not on my side this week, so you all get another "In The Moment" feature.

All-Star Superman 3: Hard to pick just one, but I'd have to say Lois's line, "Are you kidding? I'd have felt cheated if there hadn't been monsters."

JLA Classified 19: The demonstration of Ghost Lion's powers. I really hope this guy sticks around.

The Thing 5: Ben getting a manicure with an angle grinder.

Invincible 30: William's reaction to Mark's outfit.

Spike vs. Dracula: Dru's idea of good theatre.

Fallen Angel 4: Liandra's Revenge.

What were your favorite comics moments this week?

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Yeoman said...

Hmmm... You've mentioned some, and I'm rather digging Spike/Dracula, if only for how this all spun out of a bit of throw away dialogue in one episode.

Anyhow: The Return of Tag And Bink: "Manny Both-Hanz died in the process of bringing this information to us."

Anyhow, Gold Digger is alwys good. I personally feel Fred Perry is going a little overboard on Gina's linage, but you can't help but feel for her and Brianna on page two.