Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comics Hodgepodge

This is less a real entry than an agglomeration of random thoughts I've had over the last couple weeks or so. I figure every blog gets an allowance of one of these a month, right?

Busiek and Bagley, doing Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, may be enough to get me to actually read a weekly comic. In trade. Presuming Final Crisis and whatever follows don't blow goats.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm kinda looking forward to Captain Britain and MI-13. Paul Cornell gave a really cool interview over at CBR that makes it sound like the kind of comics I want to see more of. If nothing else, I'll be able to keep tabs on the Black Knight (I still haven't given up the idea of actually doing my pitch for him).

I like Steve Dillon's art a lot (I just reread some Preacher a while back, and it still holds up!), but I don't know if I like the idea of him on Deadpool. Then again, Arseface.

Mike Carlin and Judd Winick both managed to make tools of themselves at WonderCon panels this weekend. Carlin commented on intercompany crossovers, saying "You put a lot of work into something that's 'just a comic book' in the end, rather than a part of a larger picture and universe." Winick, meanwhile, opined on teen hero teams being so dour lately with "Have you ever met a teenager?" If this is really how the majority of the comics-buying audience feels, then I feel like Bill Hicks at the test screenings for Basic Instinct.

I'd really like to punch Joss Whedon in the face for killing the momentum on Runaways. It's 22 pages a month, ya yutz, you can't handle that while simultaneously NOT writing a TV show? I expect a date with Summer Glau as amends.

You all thought I would go with Alyson Hannigan, didn't you? For shame. Unlike Joe Quesada, I have a deep respect for the institution of marriage.

Many people I know think Brand New Day is formulaic and old hat. One person I respect thinks it's brilliant comics. Decisions, decisions.

New York Comic Con is now less than two months away. Can I add my name to the list of people wondering who the hell thought it was a good idea to schedule a comic convention in New York over the Passover/Easter weekend? I feel a lot less excited about getting yet another Peter David autograph knowing the tsuris the Lord's going to give him for being there to give it.

Apparently, Dirk Deppey and Brian Hibbs got into a nerd fight over the 2007 Bookscan numbers this week. My give-a-shit meter reads pretty low on that one, but I do have to love the reaction of the "true mainstream" granfalloon to the idea that Barnes & Noble may not be the promised land after all.

On a similar note, it's always amusing how many people fail to connect the fact that practically nobody reads comics anymore with the fact that practically nobody reads anymore, period. You’d think a demographic so classically obsessed with how disparate elements are all interconnected would see this one right away. Then again, maybe there's something on the nerd gene that makes that kind of thinking only work with made-up universes.

"That's a haiku, bitches!" may be the funniest thing anyone has ever written.

Whenever someone asks "What TV show would make a great comic," I am always appalled by the number of people who don't answer, "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."

The final Y: The Last Man trade comes out in May. I'll fucking kill anyone who spoils me before then.

If I get the new job I'm going for, the best comic store for my commute suddenly becomes one a friend of mine keeps getting me to patronize because of the hot comics salesgirls. This actually factors into my wanting to get the job. We're both sad, sad men.

There is apparently a gag issue of Legionnaires that shows an imaginary Golden Age Legion. In it, Triplicate Girl's "power" is that she has two triplet sisters who secretly help her out on missions. I have to own this.

Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Hellboy, Dark Knight: This summer is going to be pretty cool for pathetic comics nerds like me. And yet, I'm still most looking forward to the Pixar movie about the cute robot.

That's enough crap from me for now.


Matt Algren said...

New York Comic Con isn't on Easter weekend. Easter's in March this year, with Passover moved ahead a month for some reason. Something about Jewish Leap Year. Morts can fill you in.

I'd bet that's why they scheduled the way they did. No Jews on staff.

Also, the Legionnaires issue is indeed a fun issue. I'm having trouble remembering the rest of it, but I do know that Brainy was involved in the Manhattan Project.

Greg Manuel said...

Not only a Bill Hicks reference but a Brisco County Jr. reference on top of that. Thank you for this, bro.